Tuning File Modification Software

For the tuner who wants to develop their own style of modification and maximise profitability, file modification software is a must and despite urban myth that it is difficult to learn and use tuning software

Tuning software has come a long way over the past five years and is now easier to use and more accurate than ever before.

We stock and supply a range of the most reliable and functional file modification software from the worlds most respected manufactures.

File modification software varies in functionality and the process ,that's to say that some systems allow a greater depth and flexibility.

Drivers and checksums
all systems need to correct the checksum after modification and all systems require a driver or setting file to open and identify the relevant maps within the overall vehicle programming.

We supply CMD Map 3D, Alientech ECM2001 and Dimsport Race Evo
in comparison they are all excellent and with some different characteristics, check out the links below

Dimsport Race Evo

Alientech ECM Titainium



Dimsport Race Evo and Genius together enable reading, writing and file modification more...

race evo    

Looking for a easy to use system with support and files made for you? Genius Flashpoint  is the answer  more...  
genius flasher

rolling road sales

Dyno rolling road supply and installation of 2x2 and 4x4 inertia and eddie current dynamometers more...


powergate ford flasher
Powergate M has the widest
coverage of Ford Petrol & Diesel
ECU's more...

Alientech ECM2001 tuning software Kess flasher and BDM Pro more...

Stekio Fuel/Air Ratio
Innovative instruments, easy to use and operate giving you the ability to check the air/fuel... more...

cmd tuning
CMD manufacture read and write hardware and MAP3D software more...

optican flasher
Optican Dual and Hybrid OBD Flasher read and write hardware which has good coverage of BMW and EDC17
ECU's more...



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