STEKIO Carburation always under control

STEKIO is a real user-friendly device that will help you to evaluate and to understand the parameters which manage the correct engine operation.
The device allows you to visualize and to record data from the vehicles sensors and from the sensors connected straight to STEKIO (up to two wideband oxygen sensors BOSCH LSU 4.2 and up to two piezoelectric knock sensors).

The STK Pro is a powerful user software that allows you to manage every feature of the device. You will be able to download all the data recorded during your work and to display them on a PC or record signals directly to computer memory, connecting the USB cable to execute a professional real time data acquisition (Real Time Data-logging).


STEKIO  measures the carburation of internal combustion engines, powered by:

  • Gasoline (Petrol)
  • Diesel
  • LPG (Liquid Propane Gas)
  • CNG (Compressed Natural Gas)
  • Ethanol
  • Methanol
    The carburation value is represented with the soichometric AFR, defined as Air amount divided by Fuel amount (e.g. AFR gasoline  = 14,7), or with Lambda (e.g. λ = 1 means AFR gasoline = 14,7); to perform this task you can place one or two additional oxygen sensors in the exhaust pipe or collect the signals generated by stock ECU sensors, using the wiring's supplied with STEKIO.

The secondary task, but non the less important, is to check if the engine is affected by detonations (knocks or pings); STEKIO is able to visualize the amplitude and the frequency of knock, distinguishing between the engine operation noise. To perform this task you can connect the supplied piezoelectric knock sensors and place them on the engine body opportunely (cylinder death centre).

STEKIO offers the possibility to link six analogical signals (voltage range 0-5 V), coming from stock sensors, in order to compare the current carburation value with others electrics parameters of the vehicle. The device is also equipped with an input dedicated to the RPM signal and with a programmable output witch allows to transfer one among all the collectable signals to an external device (e.g. Dyno).

Implemented functions 

STEKIO allows to show on its display the values of the connected sensors and using the STK Pro software you'll customize the visualization, choosing among the following views:

  • Analogic Gauge view (e.g. tachometer)
  • 2 dimensions graph view (Oscilloscope)
  • Spectrum Analyzer view (suitable for knock sensors)
  • Numerical view (up to 16 signals at the same time)

The free user software STK Pro allows you to access all of the functions of STEKIO and to adjust all the operating parameters, other than keeping the device firmware always updated.

With STEKIO you can record signals from linked sensors, to review it in a second moment on PC; this possibility is useful when you shall compare vehicle operation before and after a tuning.

If you  link the device to a computer where it is installed the STK Pro software USB cable, you can enhance the view of STEKIO, displaying the signals and logging related data  straight on PC; this combination is called "real-time datalogging".



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