Tuning Basics
What's it all about...

In days of old, when engines ran with carburators and distributors, you would as part of the tuning process turn the distributor a little to increase the spark advance. You may also have fitted bigger jets in the carburator to increase the fuel delivery.

Things change during the 1980's when manufacturers had developed fuel injection and electronic ignition timing, they installed ECU's (Engine control units) to manage the flow of fuel and the spark control. These days the ECU does a lot more than just control the fuel and ignition but for now, we will look at engine management.

In the 80's on early ECU's you would find one or more chips inside which were programmed to manage the fuel, air and ignition and to modify the engine management programs, you would write your new program onto the chip and put the chip back onto the ECU.

Since 1999, all European vehicles have been with On Board Diagnostic Ports or OBD1 and OBD2 and since the introduction of OBD1 & 2, it has been possible to re-map or re-program via the diagnostic ports without the need to remove chips.
In order to program vehicles via the OBD you need a divice to "Flash" or program the ECU, there are many on the market and they vary in price. We have tried and tested all of them and now offer the best selection for sale here on this site.
Once you have a machine to read and write the next thing you will need is a modified file to install back into whichever vehicle you are working on. You now have a choice as to making your own modifications or buying in a mod file from a tuning company like us.
If you want to make the most profit and develop your own tuning modifications, you will need a file modification software like Race Evo from Dimsport which comes with full training to get you started.

Take a look around, we've included lots of information to help you choose the right equipment, we are also  here ready to advise you and demonstrate the range of tuning equipment.

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CAUTION!  KWP... Please beware, using cheap flashers like KWP will cause endless problems including killing the ECU you are writing to.
Leave cheap flashers alone!

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