OBD Flashers Tools

We stock and supply a range of the most reliable and functional OBD flashing tools from the best manufactures.

OBD Flasher come as either hand held like Genius and Powergate which simply plug into the vehicle OBD reading and writting without being attached to a laptop.
Flashers like CMD Flash, Alientech Kess, Optican, Byteshooter etc require a laptop while reading and writting to the OBD

The functions are usually: ID, reading, writting and on higher spec machines recovery.

Flashers are the means of installing a tuned/modified engine management program into the ECU.

There are two basic types of flasher. Master and Slave and it's very important that you make the right choice now.

A slave system does almost everything that a Master system does except that who ever sells you or is the Master to the slave is the only person or company able to supply you MOD files that will work with your machine. (Files for slave machines are encrypted and only files from the supplying Master will work)

A Master system is unencrypted ad therefore able to save, read and write files independantly without being tied to or dependant on any other machine. For most a Master system is the logical choice if they intend to develop their tuning career and buy MOD files from various sources.
comes complete with Race EVO file modification software and training so that you can make your own tuned files.

For some people a slave machine is fine, especially if you want a simple, easy to work with system and you are happy to purchase files from the person or company who is master to your slave.

One last point about Slave and Master. Master systems can use the same files as many times as they want and Slave systems generally have to buy a new file each time they want to make a modification, even if they have used the same file on previous installations.


Dimsport Race Evo and Genius together enable reading, writing and file modification more...

race evo    

Looking for a easy to use system with support and files made for you? Genius Flashpoint  is the answer  more...  
genius flasher

rolling road sales

Dyno rolling road supply and instalation of 2x2 and 4x4 inertia and eddie current dynamometers more...

powergate ford flasher
Powergate M has the widest
coverage of Ford Petrol & Diesel
ECU's more...

Alientech ECM2001 tuning software Kess flasher and BDM Pro more...

Stekio Fuel/Air Ratio
Innovative instruments, easy to use and operate giving you the ability to check the air/fuel... more...

cmd tuning
CMD manufacture read and write hardware and MAP3D software more...

optican flasher
Optican Dual and Hybrid OBD Flasher read and write hardware which has good coverage of BMW and EDC17
ECU's more...



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