Dimsport Trasdata BDM Tool

TRASDATA BDM tool, is an upgrade of the previously released 555 PRO and is an independent BDM system allowing reading and programming operations trasdata-logoof the software stored in ECUs supplied with the following
microprocessors (CPU):
- Motorola MPC 5xx;
- Infineon Tricore;
- ST Microelectronics ST10.

The BDM reading and programming operations can be considered an
alternative solution to the serial programming method and an evolution of
the old conventional programming procedure. This system requires the
opening of the ECU and the connection to a specific area.

A m etal positioning frame allows the tuner to avoid soldering and
operations on the ECU board.

DIMENSIONE SPORT TRASDATA BDM tool permits reading and
programming operations of the complete ECU
􀆑 EPROM or ROM memory;
􀆑 Microcontroller (CPU)
􀆑 Serial EEPROM.
After the initial reading of the ECU software, it
is always possible to retrieve the original content
even in the case of the ECU blocking, (for example after a wrong hecksum

trasdata 1




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