cmd tuning

CMD have been at the forefront of OBD and Chip tuning equipment development long enough to ensure that every product they offer functions beyond expectation all of the time.
The new CMD reading and writing tool is now dual function with OBD and BDM in one tool and using one software interface. The tool comes as
MASTER or MASTER/SALVE also for the new OBD MED17 and EDC17functions.

Key Features:
-Automatic checksums 
-New families/checksums subscription 
-recovery function ( you can restart ecu flashing after a programming failure  )

CMD Technologies Map3D 2007, the ultimate editor for chiptuning.
Thanks to the automatic map search and all the useful tools included in this software it's very easy to create a tuned file and obtain good power increments.


2D visualization
3D visualization
Hex editor
Map's comparison
Text search (ori/mod)
Byte/Word/Dword search (ori/mod)
Hexadecimal search (ori/mod)
Settings files for (RPM,Engine Load,maps,etc.)
Notes for each eprom (ori/mod)
Crypted export/import
Dual eprom automatic support H/L
Crypts Siemens/Bosch/…
Checksum 8 and 16 bit
Map's zoom
Wide data types support ( signed unsigned )
Percentage modify for smooth variations
Full editor for setting files ( driver editor )
Automatic update of similar maps
Motorola 16bit management
Automatic map search and set-up
Automatic file setting setup ( 16 bit, motorola , crypt )
Damaged files are automatically detected
Similar maps automatic search
ASAP/Damos files import
the files can be sent directly via E-Mail.
Reference file management
Copy / Paste operations
Cursor showing current data info
Database with the common map patterns for each ECU type.
Multi-document environment

CMD Flash will correct checksums as you upload modified files, if you need to correct checksums for chips etc, then you may add Check'nGo! software plug-in to correct checksum (additional cost)



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