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We stock and supply a range of the most reliable and functional BDM flashing tools from the worlds best manufactures.
The latest families of ECU are processor driven and programmed via tiny ports on the PCB during the manufacturing process.

How does a BDM work... A BDM programmer is used to trasdata bdmprogram an ECU direct to the circuit board inside the ECU. This is the same way ECU's are programmed new at the factory.
The best BDM systems come with a positioning frame and connecting probes, the ECU is located in the positioning frame and then the electrodes attached to the BDM are lowered onto programming ports (small electronic contacts on the circuit board)  and the ECU can then be read and written to.

When would I use a bdm... You would use a BDM if you were cmd bdmunable to comunicate with the ECU via the OBD plug, or if there was no OBD protocol for the vehicle.
With an obd, you are able to read and write the full ECU content as well as clone ECU's. Flashers like CMD Flash, Alientech Kess and Optican Dual have a BDM plug in function while Dimsport have a stand alone system Trasdata

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