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Alientech range of tuning equipment includes:

ecm-titainiumTuning software to take anywhere with maximum functionality and economy more...

kess obd flasher Kess V2 Following on the success of the tremendously stable and versatile Kess 1, this latest addition to the Alientech stable is probably the most advanced tool available today.
With coverage of all major brands and protocols including Line, CAN, EDC17 and MED17 and Ford J1850Kess V2 is everything you need to work as a successful tuner at a very affordable price.

Kess V2 has several built in features and safeguards including:
• Check of the battery voltage in real-time
• Full Recovery function in case of problems
• Automatic correction of the Checksum, (where available)

Boot-Loader mode supported
Management of the programming counters
ScanTool function to remove DTC

Several options of reading/writing speed
Option to write full file/section of the map
Full integration with ECM Titanium

powergate ford flasherA must have flasher to cover the Ford range of petrol and diesel ECU's.
Hand held and simple to use, this unit is a firm favourite with all experienced tuners more...

bdm proBDM tool to compliment the  Alien package more...

stekio knock sensorGas analyser and knock sensor   more...

KESS V2 Serial programming ECU

kess obd tuningOBDII serial programmer appreciated in the wide range of Alientech products, it supports a large number of vehicles thanks to a continuous development of communication protocols 

Kess features are the best solution for the professional tuner who wants modify ECU maps for the use of vehicles on road or in a racing track

Kess is an hardware interface that allows communication between ECU and PC.
Through the use of OBDII connector, is possible read and write the ECU using the K Line or the CAN bus for recent vehicles.

KESS dedicated software allows to chose the vehicle, display data and number of ECU, manage download and upload of the files, chose writing speed and save injectors code when is necessary.

A complete product also about "checksum" because allows an automatic correction during the step of writing, in this way the customer will save on the purchase of communication protocols. Moreover is possible buy only what is needed because all communication protocols of KESS are purchasable distinctly. 

Communication between KESS and ECU includes many options:

  • The connection with ECU can be established through K line or CAN bus.
  • K2 cable for a direct connection with ECU through K line. This is dedicated to all the vehicles that doesn't uses OBDII standard
  • K4 cable is available for a direct connection on ECU pins when you are working in Boot Loader mode (get off ECU from vehicle)
  • User can setup the program has eh wants. The file can be entirely programmed or only in maps sector
  • Is possible set reading and writing speed depending on the safe level that the user wants maintain.
  • With ScanTool features is possible check errors stored in memory and erase it automatically (Diagnostic Trouble Code)
  • Automatic checksum correction on recent vehicles
  • Communication protocols dedicated to only a group of vehicles
  • Online upgrade (Alien Upgrade)
  • Multi language Software (Italian, Portuguese, Catalan, Czech, English, Spanish, Hungarian).

K2 Cable
There are vehicles where K-line isn't connected to the diagnostic connector. In This case the solution is use a universal K2 cable. With Kleps pliers (included in K2 Cable) is possible the connection directly on the K-Line cable. In this way is not necessary remove the ECU. 

K4 Cable

 Essential when it's necessary take off the ECU from the vehicle. This tool is easy to use and "pinout" to identify ECU pins on which to connect.

The led in the case shows if the Ecu is supplied, so the user can operates in safety.

Boot Loader

Boot loader is a KESS add-on that sets the ECU in a particular mode of work, this condition is called Boot. Kess communicates with ECU (Take down the ECU, sold resistors and connect the instrument, following the instructions in the tutorial inside the software) in boot mode, this allows to read maps sector of eprom.
With Boot loader is possible read and write ECU's excluded from the usual communication protocols.

Master/Slave function

KESS is available also in configuration Master / Slave. This way of work allows to buy two or more devices those can exchange files only with themselves. Whit a master is possible to make a codified file readable only by the related Slave.

ECM Titanium - The new frontier in chip tuning software's

The new Alientech software ECM Titanium allows you to accurately modify the file stored inside the engine control unit (ECU) memory (EPROM) without any difficulty for  Diesel and Petrol, naturally-aspirated or turbo-charged, the software lets you  rapidly adjust the maps values (injection, spark-advance, pressure, TURBO...) and the limiters saved inside EPROM files.

ECM Titanium includes all the tools  required by tuners, so they can change the parameters of maps, but it also gives  the newcomer who wants to attempt for the first time in this field, the chance to work alone, using the Drivers support files developed by Alientech.
Drivers simplify the manual search process of maps stored inside the EPROM file and they  display only essential maps through Tables and Graphics; depending on the nature of the map, the parameters which the control unit employs to solve computations will be indicated (e.g. x-axis, percentage of Load and y-axis, Engine revolution).

ECM is installed inside a USB dongle to make the software handy for users.

ECM Titanium always there for you

The USB dongle gives you the great opportunity to have the ECM software and the integrated Database that contains all your modified files without carrying a computer; the new ECM Titanium is installed directly inside an USB pen that with 8 GBytes of memory, just plug in for instant access to the software.

Integrated personal Database

Titanium has an integrated personal Database witch contains all your modified files, created from an original file and drivers, both  downloaded from the Internet and those created directly by the user. This useful tool allows you to organize your modified files and Drivers, linking them to an original file, so that the next time you want to load a similar EPROM file the software will immediately identify's it and will show all the related files..

ECM Titanium has different windows  to display in Hexadecimal and Graphical  and 3D windows


Support Tools for tuning procedure

For expert tuners, it was improved the tool for editing customized Drivers; the new version of Driver Manager Plus gives you more opportunity to create Driver files that contain the location of maps, displaying Tables, displaying Graphics and limiters concerning a specific ECU. The Drivers created by users will be included inside the USB pen database and available with the Driver automatic search every time a similar file will be loaded using the software.

To search and modify maps by yourself, you can edit a helpful Memo file that  can store up to 12 addresses (hexadecimal value) and comments about maps and limiters positions. Thus you will save in a Memo file the information about a specific control unite and load it the next time it is necessary change a previous modification.

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